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Polish woman in Sweeden

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Polish woman in Sweeden

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First. Scandavian women in Poland. View previous topic:: View ib topic. Tue Dec 23, 9: My maternal grandmother was born in northeastern Poland, a few miles from the Belorussian Polish woman in Sweeden, in the 's. My grandmother was thoroughly Polish, spoke Polish, and practiced Polish culture.

So, how did her maternal ancestors get to Poland from Sweden via Finland and when?

Not having located her birth record in Poland, I can only guess. Does anyone else find themselves in this situation?

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Has anyone documented Scandinavian origins for Polish women? Any ideas are welcome. Tue Dec 23, 8: I recommend you research Polish history during the period There were a large number of wars Polish woman in Sweeden Sweden and the Falkenberg babes tits Commonwealth.

Especially during the period and which is referred to as "The Swedish Deluge". Poland was effectively decimated and those that survived, probably married into Scandinavian families. Not Polish woman in Sweeden if it is relevant at all, but two of the branches of my ancestral lines include red and blond hair. My assumption has been that we got it from those Scandinavian invaders.

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Best, Richard. Germany Back to top. Wed Dec 24, Best, Richard Richard, That's interesting.

I recently came across an ancestors's marriage record whose name was spelled O'Bryk, born in the Jaslo region, while in records of other family members the name is spelled 'Obryk'.

I was wondering if O'Bryk could hint at a Scandinavian Polish woman in Sweeden as well or does it sound more Polish woman in Sweeden Wed Dec 24, 2: How very interesting this subject is.

I wondered the same thing. Free party line phone numbers Ystad husbands y dna came back also Scandinavian. His haplo group is I1. This is new information to us. Lots of blue eyed blondes in the family. Thanks for the history of Poland during of Wed Dec 24, 3: But while going deeper in history, there are more interesting facts, about Vikings Polish woman in Sweeden on east Europe territories in ancient times.

Rather was it trading, or maybe conquering, they might Sweeden sexy star some gens. Vikings in ancient times were strong and ruled quite big area.

Finding a Polish girl for mariage (Sweden)?

Some internet site suggest they founded kievan rus https: Here is small sample too http: The study is based on data from 1, people from around the world, not sure if thats enough to take Polish woman in Sweeden seriously. Study suggests, that "admixture" could happen at wide spread of time around year and a bit earlier.

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It is indeed interesting subject, but i looks like scientists still tries complete puzzles. Gens, chromosomes, language origins, archeological artefacts, this really helps to answer question what was the history here at the beginning of the Sensual massage winston Boo Sweeden. Wed Dec 24, 6: Sirdan, thank you again you have given me great info to research. So very helpful.

Thu Dec 25, 4: It seems the Polish woman in Sweeden area was quite a melting pot.

on Philip Joined: Sat Dec 27, Polish woman in Sweeden Hi gcking, Quote: I agree what Richard said Quote: Especially during the period and which is referred to as "The Swedish Deluge" It was a very important war in the polish history, during many wars entire families moved to other countries.

But on the other hand there were also many merchants traveling during that time.

I've read about British merchants coming to Poland but also Italian artists and architects worked for the Polish government at the time. Sat Dec 27, Swefden Scandanavian blood. As some of you probably know, when Poland was part of an empire or commonwealth with Lithuania not only were there tons of minority people in the commonwealth, but there were wars with Germany, invasions from the Tatars from central Asia and the invasion from Sweden, which at the time wasn't just where it is All Sweeden chat free. It encompassed Finland, Estonia and probably part of Latvia and Russia Polish woman in Sweeden.

So they didn't have to come across the Polish woman in Sweeden sea, they just needed to head south into the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.

Poles in Sweden - Wikipedia

I'm sure there was a lot of rape going on, and I can imagine a lot of women being taken back to the Swedish lands. That was the way of war.

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Tracing back Sweedden the maternal side would seem Massage millis Sweeden be difficult to do being that most countries kept records and gave names in a paternalistic way. I'd be interested in hearing if you were able to trace back your maternal line more than a few generations.

Thu Jan 01, 2: My maternal line stops with my great-grandmother, Polish woman in Sweeden I don't know much about.

My grandmother supposedly came from the town of Sidra, just a Polish woman in Sweeden miles on wpman Polish side of the Belorussian border from her immigration recordbut of course back then it was Russian Poland. Anyway, the records from that area and time do not seem to have survived.

I Look For Private Sex Polish woman in Sweeden

It took me Polish woman in Sweeden 40 years to establish her actual maiden name, because she was illiterate and my Sweeden hand guns always wrote it phonetically.

We all thought that it was Jenczaryk when actually it was Henczaryk. I understand about the wars, but the invaders should show up more in the Y-DNA as they were mostly soldiers. I think it more likely that it was a soldier in a Russian army operating in Finland who brought her maternal ancestor back home!

Thu Jan 01, 5: Swedish ancestors.

Polish woman in Sweeden I Look For Sex Dating

You know there are a lot of research options for Polish records. Years ago, I thought they were all lost, but I have wo,an some luck finding some of my ancestral records. Gotta keep digging. Toronto Back to top. Mon Jan 05, 4: Inarcheologists discovered a Goth burial site Polish woman in Sweeden few kilometers south of Hrubieszow and dated it to the years to A.

Maslomecz cmentarzysko nordyckiego ludu Gotowcontains the remains of approximately personsthe majority women and children whose origins appears to be from South Sweden. The locals have since aoman Polish woman in Sweeden Skansen Village as a tourist destination. The gravesite is in a Thonglor massage Gavle shape with the centre core vacant and the individuals arranged around this point.

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Many of the women were without heads. The valley where this site is located must have been part of the Amber Road leading from the Baltic to the Black Sea ; hence the Norse migration.

Paris, France Polish woman in Sweeden to top.

Mon Jan 05, 6: John, Thank you for sharing. The following scientific article gives a description: Sat Nov 25, Polans - Viking tribe who was Polisn far as Kiev in today Ukraine.

Mieszko's daughter Sigrid was queen of Danish, Swedish and England. Mon Nov 27, 3: Smreczak, The Dagome name you mention is one of the American girls Sweeden about Mieszko's baptism.

Dagome Polish woman in Sweeden also come from Frankia side, not necessarily Scandinavia. It would be a baptism name, which means Mieszko was still his. There are a lot of theories that Polans originated from Vikings as in Pllish Rus case, but they weren't proven. And the Western and Eastern Polans you Poljsh mentioned were completely two different tribes. Polish woman in Sweeden posts from previous: